Technical Information - Passenger Cars

Glasurit® Paint Mixing System

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Mixing machines
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1. Mixing machines:

The mixing machines are designed to hold basecoat/topcoat mixing and tinting bases at the same time.
All national regulations regarding explosion protection and the storage of flammable liquids must be observed.

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2. Agitators:

The agitators come as complete units that consist of the agitator, lid and driving mechanism. The height of the units is already pre-adjusted.
Please remember to stir the paint in the open can thoroughly before attaching the agitator. Then place the complete agitator on the open mixing base can and fasten it by pressing and turning the clips. The unit is then ready for use.

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3. Operation

The agitators should be run for approximately 10 minutes in the morning and evening.

All nationally and/or locally applicable working directions, operating instructions and safety regulations as well as existing rules for the prevention of accidents and regulations on dangerous substances must be observed.

Mixing procedure
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1. General:

Mixing bases must be stirred well before use. In order to obtain good mixing results, it is essential that the mixing bases be in a homogeneous state.
The contents of new cans of mixing bases must therefore be stirred well before being placed in the mixing machine, either by hand using a metal stick or with an electric/pneumatic stirrer. Then the agitator unit must be attached.

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2. Determining the colour:

Identify the colour of the vehicle to be refinished from the information given on the vehicle body itself or in the vehicle documents. With the help of the colour code, you will find the mixing formula on the respective colour media. Along with the standard colours, you will find the formulas of more colour variants. Furthermore, you may also use the Color Profi System to determine the corresponding CPS chip with the colour code. After having checked the corresponding CPS chip(s), you may then use the respective mixing formula to mix the colour.

Please note:
All details specified in the mixing formula must be strictly observed.

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3. Zeroing the scales:

Place an empty can or mixing container on the weighing platform of the computer scales and zero the scales.

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4. Weighing the amounts indicated:

Since the mixing formulas give cumulative weights, it is not necessary to add up the individual amounts. Just add each of the indicated mixing formula components until the scales show that the predetermined weight has been reached, as given in the formula for the particular component concerned.

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5. Stirring the mixture:

After weighing has been completed, stir well with a mixing stick. For colour-related reasons, stirring should be done from the edge of the can towards the centre, making sure that any paint clinging to the stick is carefully scraped off into the can and stirred in. Before actually applying the paint mixed, you must make a spray-out (also applying the clear when basecoat/clearcoat systems are concerned). Dry the spray-out and compare it with the vehicle to be refinished. If the colour does not match, adjust it by tinting or use a colour variant.
When using the Color Profi System, you seldom need a spray-out as the CPS chips are spray-outs themselves.