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Glasurit® RATIO Color System

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The Glasurit RATIO Color System: The quick and easy way to find the matching colour.

The identification of the matching colour is one of the decisive process steps in automotive refinishing. Speed and precision are essential because the human eye is very critical.
Only when there is no visible difference between the original finish and the repaired area, the repair job was performed professionally.
This is why the continuous improvement of colour identification tools is of central importance for Glasurit. What we offer is a complete system of colour information and colour tools.

The modules of the system:

Color Profi Systems Metallic and Uni
Up-to-date Glasurit Color Profi Systems are the ideal tools for an exact colour match because the swatches consist of colour chips sprayed with original Glasurit paint, and updates are offered at regular intervals to include the latest vehicle colours.

Glasurit RATIO Scan II combines a high-quality colorimeter with an application that is perfectly integrated into the Glasurit RATIO Color System. The mobile device measures the exact colour directly on the car body. Then the readings can easily be transferred to the computer where they are processed with Profit Manager or Profit Manager Pro.

Profit Manager Pro, Lite and starter
Integrated solution for colour search, weigh-in process, stock management, reporting and order management. The software helps bodyshops worldwide to simplify and accelerate their workflows. The functions for colour and material management allow the painter to determine the costs precisely. The Glasurit Profit Manager enables bodyshops to exactly control and manage all working steps concerning the paint process.

Color Online
The internet-based and daily updated colour database Color Online is a component of Glasurit RATIO Color Systems and has been for years now a well-known and proven tool for quickly and effortlessly finding mixing formulas. On the website, bodyshops can find all the information they need to reliably determine colour variants and mix them precisely.

Color Info
A helpful colour information system providing colour samples of the most important international car manufacturers, including original body, bumper and side panel colours.
The colour swatches of the current edition show all the standard colours that have been used by vehicle manufacturers since 1995. Of course there are also colours from older vehicles that were still in production in 1995. Together with the extensive index cards for 1995 to 2001/2002, the system provides a complete documentation of all the colours found on cars over the past years.