Technical Information - Passenger Cars
90 Line Glasurit® Basecoat
G / T



Metallic and solid-colour basecoat/clearcoat finishing. Wet-on-wet process with Glasurit 923- Clear.



Very good hiding power, high efficiency.

Water-thinnable, less than 10% organic solvents.


  • Mixing formulas with 90-M4 and mixing bases are available to cover the whole range of colours needed in automotive refinishing.
  • At rather high temperatures or when refinishing large surfaces, it is possible to replace 90-M4 by 90-M4 slow, while replacing 93-E3 Adjusting base by 93-E3 slow at the same time.
  • Mixtures will keep for up to 6 months when stored in plastic containers or cans coated inside.
  • Use of 93-IC 330 if recommended by car manufacturers (see Technical Information).
  • Flash-off times can be reduced significantly by using appropriate air blow equipment.
  • Flash-off time before application of 923- Clear: 2-3 min. (until surface is mat).
  • When using white colors with high spray viscosity the mixing ratio can be changed to 100 : 80.


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Paint system


Spreading rate:

130 m²/l at 1 µm

Mixing ratio

2 : 1

100% by vol. 90 Line Metallics/Solids (acc. to mixing formula)


50% by vol. 93-E3 Adjusting Base *

(stir IMMEDIATELY after having added adjusting base)


*When using 90-M4 slow in the mixing formula, 93-E3 slow must also be used.

Spray viscosity

DIN 4 at 20°C

approx. 18-24 s

Gravity cup

Spraying pressure

HVLP gun: 1.3 mm

2.0-3.0 bar / 0.7 bar at the nozzle

Compliant gravity-feed gun

1.3-1.4 mm, 2.0 bar

Number of spraycoats

2 (spray to cover) + ½ to match the effect

Film thickness:

10-15 µm

Flash-off at 20°C

Approx. 5 min. after each spraycoat.

Intermediate drying

Drying at 20°C

Blow dry with Dry Jet

Flash off until mat after each spraycoat.


Remove dust nibs by dry sanding; gently fade out applying mist coat afterwards.