Technical Information - Passenger Cars
Glasurit® Blending Clear
G / X



Glasurit® 90-M50 Blending Clear is used for blending in metallic and solid colour Glasurit® 90 Line water-borne basecoats.



It helps to achieve a smooth homogeneous overspray area in the fade-out zone, avoiding dark shadows around the repair area.


  • The spray gun can be used for 90-M50 Blending Clear and 90 Line Basecoat without having to be cleaned in between.
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Paint system

S 9, S 9.1, S 9.2

Mixing ratio

2 : 1, use mixing stick

100% by vol. 90-M50


50% by vol. 93-E3 or 93-E3 slow Adjusting Base

(stir IMMEDIATELY after having added adjusting base)

Spray viscosity

DIN 4 at 20°C

18 – 22 s

Gravity cup

Spraying pressure

HVLP-gravity-feed spray gun: 1.3 mm 2.0 bar

0.7 bar at the nozzle

Compliant gravity-feed spray gun:

1.3 -1.4 mm 2.0 bar

Number of spraycoats

Application without intermediate flash off time with two coats. In this case the second coat will overlap the first coat to achieve a smother edge.

Flash-off at 20°C